Year of birth: 1987

Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary

Nationality: Hungarian


  • GNM Drama School, Budapest (2013-2016),
  • Stunt workouts(2014-)
  • Meisner Acting Course, Cock Pit Theater, London (2016-2017),
  • Erkel School of Music - Classical Singing, Budapest (2018-2022),
  • Triagon Academy - Media Composer, Budapest-Berlin (2019-2021),
  • Private singing teacher - Mixed-Voice-Technique (2019-)

Languages: Hungarian (mother tongue), English (fluent), German (advanced basic knowledge),

Height: 184 cm

Confection: M

Eye colour Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Residence: Budapest (currently)

Housing options: Budapest, London, Oxford, Dublin, Vienna, Graz, Euskirchen, Köln,

Voice Skills: Tenor (classical singing 2018-2022, Mixed Voice Technique 2019-)

Sports: Swimming, Martial arts, Horse riding, Street workout, Fencing, Stunt workouts

Dance: Ballet (basic knowledge 2009-2016), Jazz-Ballet (2013-2016), Hip-Hop, West Coast Swing (2019-2020),


The Actor

At the age of 11 I made up my mind to become an actor. After participating in amateur performances, graduating from secondary school as well as working as an extra in films I went on to study at some Budapest-based drama schools (for example, Főnix Drama Studio, Kővirágok School of Singing, Shakespeare Academy of Drama, Egressy Béni School of Music – with a specialisation in drama, and finally the Gór-Nagy Mária Drama School, GNM). When I was a student at GNM, I had the opportunity to act in our performances on several locations; for example, the Thalia Theatre, the Stefánia Palace as well as numerous places outside the capital. After this, I took part in a 6-month course on the Meisner technique, organised by the Cockpit Theatre in London. While residing in London I gained plenty of theatre experience as well as insight into novel acting techniques. I moved back to Hungary in 2017. Since then, I have acted in theatre productions besides short films and feature films. Now my goal is to improve and make myself eligible as an actor in the English and German languages as well as in Hungarian; be it films, prose or musical theatre. I believe that there is always a possible further step in self-development; that is why I have begun training as a stuntman in order to further improve my acting skills.

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The Singer

I began studying with private teachers (Judit Kővári, Zoltán Kerényi) when I was still a secondary school student. I worked with them for a number of years before I went on to study at the Magyar Hajnal Studio of Singing where I improved my technique under the direction of Éva Óvári and Bálint Bokodi. Currently I am participating in a classical singing course at the Erkel School of Singing, led by Orsolya Ambrus. Also, I am taking lessons from Szidónia Tatár-Kovács. I have a deep passion for rock, metal, pop, musicals, as well as classical music and Irish folk music.

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The Director

Initially, I began directing in an emergency situation, but upon encouragement by my friends, I decided to continue. I have directed some short films of my own ideas as well as video clips on commission.

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The Composer

I began writing songs during the secondary school years when I played the keyboard in amateur bands, and later I participated as a lead singer. Then I decided to work on this in a professional way, so I completed a course on media and composing at the Budapest-based School of Entertainment and Technology (SET School – TriagonAkademie). There I could learn from teachers like Péter Wolf, Dávid Kósa and Zoltán Galambos.

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The Writer

In the early years, like most people, I started out by writing poems and short stories. When I started directing, I realised that I have my own ideas and stories that I want to tell. Therefore I went on to writing film scripts, and later, inspired by a deep passion for the theatre, I tried my hand at writing plays. In addition to this, I write lyrics for my own songs being produced right now.


  • Los Angeles CineFest – Semi-Finalist (“Impulse”)
  • European Independent Film Award – 3rd Prize (“Impulse”)
  • Hungarian Show Dance Association, Regional Championship – Musical, duet – 1st Prize
  • Hungarian Show Dance Association, Regional Championship –Musical, solo performance – 2nd Prize
  • Hungarian Show Dance Association, Regional Championship – Sing&Dance – 2nd Prize